Private investment proposals valued at USD 10 million

Luanda – At least US $ 10 million is the amount corresponding to the private investment proposals analyzed and registered by the Private Investment and Export Promotion Agency (AIPEX), since the entry into force of the new Private Investment Law in June.

This amount results from the registration of more than 25 private investment projects that were analyzed by AIPEX, according to the manager of the legal department of this agency, Flavia Gomes.

The official made the statements to the press in Luanda on Friday after presenting the theme “The New Private Investment Law: Benefits and Advantages at a National Level” in the 66th edition of the 1st Friday Club (1FC).

Flavia Gomes also said that in addition to this investment, AIPEX still has in its possession several investment proposals that need to be analyzed.

She pointed to the trade and manufacturing sectors as the areas that attract the most national and foreign investors in the country.

The approval of private investment projects contemplates and obeys the Law that requires the admission of 30% of foreign workers and 70% of the national workforce, the official underlined.

At the time, the executive director of the US-Angola Chamber of Commerce, Chindalena Lourenco, considered the new Private Investment Law as “investor- friendly”, to satisfy the desires of the businessmen.

The 66th edition of the 1st Friday Club (1FC), an initiative of the US-Angola Chamber of Commerce (USACC), was attended by businessmen from both countries.

Source: Angola Press News Agency