PRS defends implementation of simultaneous local government

Ganda – The opposition Social Renewal Party (PRS) has defended a simultaneous implementation of the local government in the country to prevent the voters from dispersing.

The position was expressed by national secretary for the organisation and staff of PRS, Manuel Marcolino Kibaya.

The politician was speaking to Angop on behalf of his political organisation on Monday in Ganda municipality, coastal Bengula province.

The opposition party defends that the local government system must occur simultaneously in all municipalities of the country, he said.

He added that the simultaneous implementation will prevent the citizens from emigrating because they will be better in terms of social living conditions.

“It does not make any sense that the majority wait for longer this opportunity they so desire,” said, referring to the Constitutional Law in which, according to him, some articles defend the holding of the process simultaneously in the country.

Manuel Marcolino Kibaya has been since last week in Benguela, where he visited some municipalities with stress to Cubal, Balombo and Bocoio.

Angola holds the local elections in 2020.

Source: Angola Press News Agency