Public managers urged to adapt to change

Ndalatando – The Governor of Cuanza Norte province, Jose Maria Ferraz dos Santos on Thursday urged staff of municipal administrations to adapt their performance to the current context of financial and administrative decentralization of the state, as an antechamber to the implementation of autonomy of local power to be marked by the regular holding of local elections, from 2020.

Jose Maria Ferraz made this statement in the act of inauguration of new heads of the provincial office of Education and nine deputy administrators for the economic sector, noting that the political reform underway in the country provides for a new administrative and territorial organization based on the autarchic power that will have the collection of tax revenues as the main source of financing.

Faced with this reality, he said, the local administration should begin its efforts in preparing the staff in line with the new financial management paradigm, in order to satisfactorily respond to the requirements of Decree 208/17, which establishes the operating norms of local administration bodies of the State and which is an antechamber to the implementation of local authorities in Angola.

Source: Angola Press News Agency