Public office holders told to master art of communication

Saurimo – Officials in charge of public offices should have control and technique in the art of communication in different occasions with a view to facilitating the understanding of their message and avoid speculation.

The appeal was made Thursday by Secretary of State for Media, Celso Malavoloneke, during a talk, on “Communication and Good Governance”. held Thursday in Saurimo, eastern Lunda Sul province

The lecture, sponsored by Social Communication Ministry, was designed for journalists from different public and private Media outlets, officials of the local government, Justice, Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) and National Police.

He advised the provincial governments to set up crisis offices with trained and competent technicians capable to inform in advance and clarify certain situations related to the governance.

He recalled that it was necessary for the provincial governors, administrators and other officials to have Office advisers.

“The public manager who can not communicate should consider himself a bad manager, and must attend training. Good governance implies not only implementing projects but also art of communicating well,” he said.

He advised managers to follow up the pace of the communication system in recent time in Angola and watch out for social networks.

On the other hand, the official reiterated the appeal to journalists to always observe ethics, deontology and seek the contradictory in the exercise of their profession.

Source: Angola Press News Agency