Reforms aimed to reach inclusive, solidarity society – MPLA official

Luanda – The process of reforms underway in the country are aimed at reaching an increasingly inclusive and solidarity society, said the ruling MPLA party’s deputy president Luisa DamiAPound o, stressing that such assumptions match the key principles and the feature of this political organisation.

The politician was speaking during a lecture on institutionalisation of the local power in Angola -Economic point of view, promoted by MPLA.

The MPLA official said that the party is working on deepening economic policies aimed at promoting social justice, development and prosperity of the Angolans.

The politician was speaking of the reform, with stress to the state administration, based on local power, whose the implementation process represents for MPLA an opportunity to get modernised and deepen internal democracy, by using new job methods.

The reform also represents a new way to stay put and a new way to connect to the society and the militants themselves, as well as important step towards the well-being of the citizens.

Luisa DamiAPound o said that for MPLA the institutionalisation of the local authorities must fully contribute to the regional development, reducing differences among municipalities, in search of prosperity and well-being of populations.

The move, she said, will also ensure sustainable development which, necessarily entails balance between economic and social aspects.

The MPLA deputy president noted that the draft State Budget for 2019 allocates financial resources directly to municipal administrations.

Meanwhile, the official urged public managers to stick to the strict and correct management of the allocated resources to contribute to the corrections required in combat the mismanagement practices, in the light of the motto “Improving what is good, correct what is wrong. “

For the ruling party, she said, the years of 2018 and 2019 are a period of preparation and implementation of administrative, technical and political measures for the success of this whole process.

The politician spoke of better preparation of the party’s militants, ahead of the local power elections, having recommended the party structures to get involved in the implementation of the local authority programme.

Luisa DamiAPound o also recommended a reflection on the relevance of the connection of the local and regional authorities to economic development.

The objective is to assess the extent to which they can be an instrument to attract private investment with a view to obtaining resources and reducing regional disparities.

According to her, the MPLA views the defence, strengthening of national independence and the consolidation of peace as the duties of all Angolans.

However, she said, the Angolans are called to work on strengthening of these leading political achievements in the fields of economy, social and culture.

As for the operations, the MPLA deputy president recalled that the two ongoing operations dubbed “Recovery and Transparency” are meant to promote an environment of order and peace in Angolan society.

The official urged society to support the Executive in pursuing these actions for the wellbeing of all Angolans.

The lecture was ran by university professor Alves da Rocha, and gathered party’s members of the Central, Provincial, among others Committees.

Source: Angola Press News Agency