Relations between Angola and S. Korea record new impulse – ambassador

Luanda – The South Korean ambassador to Angola, Kim Dong-Chan, last Tuesday in Luanda said that the co-operation relations between the two countries have recorded a new impulse, in sequence of the economic and political reforms taking place in both states.

Kim Dong-Chan, who was speaking at a reception held in the ambit of the commemoration of South Korea’s National Day, marked on 02 October, explained that the presidents of the two states have been implementing positive reforms that will re-launch the co-operation levels between both nations.

He stressed that with the two countries going through a reform processes, spearheaded by the new leaderships of President Moon (South Korea) and President Lourenco (Angola), there is certainty that there will be an impulse in the relations between both countries and a reinforcement of the 26-year bilateral relationship.

On the occasion, ambassador Kim Dong-Chan said that he hopes that by the tear 2022 both countries’ presidents can hold a summit to strengthen the friendship and put into perspective a better future for both peoples.

For many years now South Korea has been supporting Angola in the implementation of development projects.

He then emphasised that South Korea’s government will do its best to contribute to the Angolan economic diversification process.

South Korea and Angola have been co-operating in various areas, with highlight on industry, fisheries, agriculture, culture, education, vocational training and diplomatic training.

In the year 2017, the volume of trade exchange between both countries reached USD 200 million.

South Korea opened its embassy in Luanda (Angolan capital) in the year 2007.

Source: Angola Press News Agency