Researcher Domingos da Cruz launches book on racism

Luanda The Angolan researcher Domingos da Cruz launches on the 29th of this month, in Luanda, the book Racismo O machado afiado em Angola (Racism The sharp ax in Angola).

The book, already available on the internet and in Portuguese bookstores, addresses topics such as racism and neo-racism in the contemporary Angola and the perception of young Luanda people about racism in Angola, among other related themes.

To combat racism, the researcher suggests to the country’s deputies the creation of an anti-racist law in the Angolan context, so that these criminals are held accountable.

But it will also be necessary to look at other sectors, such as education, sport and the role that civil society can play, among other fields, in order to find a peaceful and more humane way of establishing interracial relations, in the Angolan context, proposes Domingos da Cruz.

Therefore, with a brief incursion for the historical reasons of racism, from evangelization to colonization, the researcher and writer also evokes the etiology of the issue, in a work that is based on research and interviews, essentially in post-colonial Angola.

The option to bring an old but current theme is related to the need to provoke a debate on the theme and change attitudes.

Source: Angola Press News Agency