Ruling MPLA and Swedish party analyse local elections in Angola

Luanda – Matters linked to local elections in Angola, scheduled for to happen for the first time in the year 2020, were analysed last Tuesday, in Luanda, by officials of the ruling MPLA and a delegation from Sweden’s Social Democratic party.

The meeting was preceded by an audience granted by the MPLA vice president, Luisa DamiAPound o, to the Swedish party’s secretary for international relations, Johan Hassel.

Speaking to the press, Johan Hassel said that Angola is on the right track, having highlighted the country’s fight against corruption and commitment to the creation of employment.

Johan Hassel reminded that the relations between the two parties date back to the period of Angola’s struggle for liberation from colonial domination.

Meanwhile, the Angolan National Assembly (parliament) passed on 13 August, by unanimous vote, the Bill on the Organisation and Functioning of Local Governments, and the Bill on Administrative Supervision over Local Governments.

The Organic Law on the Organisation and Functioning of Local Governments is meant to define the legal regime governing municipal elections.

The two bills entered the National Assembly through an initiative of the largest opposition party, UNITA.

Source: Angola Press News Agency