Salvador Ferreira releases book on Khoisan community’s life

Luanda – The book entitled “Quotidiano San” (Daily Life of the San) is the latest book by the Angolan writer Salvador Ferreira and it is available in the market since last Friday.

The author organised a sales and autographs signing session last Friday, a ceremony which also served for the official release of the book that can be of great usefulness for students, teachers and researchers.

In Angola, the Khoisan ethnic group is mainly located in the southern regions of the country.

According to the author, the book transports the reader on a trip to the past, present and future of the San community of Angola.

Salvador Ferreira has informed that his work provides updates data on the present situation of the Angolan Khoisan community, besides presenting a historical account of this ethnic group which is also found in countries like Namibia, South Africa and Botswana.

Salvador Ferreira was born in the northern Cuanza Norte Province. Already in the market he has the books Fotografia do Quotidiano released in 2012 and Tchivinguiro Uma Memoria Colectiva released in 2015.

Source: Angola Press News Agency