Seed production can develop Angola’s agricultural sector

Luanda – The development of the Angolan agriculture is fundamentally dependant on the production of seeds by local and foreign firms, said on Tuesday the minister of Agriculture and Forests, Marcos Nhunga.

According to the minister, 90 percent of the seeds used in Angola is imported and that that amount is not enough to cover the country’s five million hectares of land.

The official, who was speaking to the press at the end of a roundtable on Political Dialogue on Production, Availability and Farmers’ Access to Improved Seeds to Leverage Agriculture in Angola, said the meeting was intended to find solutions to reverse the current poor local seed production.

In the meantime, the minister explained that the betterment of the seed production in the country needs to be made through the mobilization of the private sector to join the productive sector, mainly the bean and rice output as well as others that are part of the food diet.

We need to have national companies that create partnership with companies of the region such as Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia, which are producer countries of the region, said the official.

The official, who did not add further details on the amount the country spends, said it spends a lot of money to import seeds. However, it is still 50 percent short to meet the need nationwide.

However, as regards seed production, the minister explained that the local producers could benefit from credit, a situation being assessed by the government.

Besides seeking to locally produce seeds, Angola is also gearing up for the production of fertilizers, pesticides and tractors assembly system among other essential tools for the development of agriculture in the country.

Source: Angola Press News Agency