Sonangol investigates drillship detention

Luanda Angola’s Oil company (Sonangol) Thursday said it was investigating the accuracy of the detention of the Quenguela drillship by Malaysian authorities for allegedly berthing without authorisation in the territorial waters of that Asian country. This is expressed in a note released by the Angolan oil company, reached Angop Thursday.

The source stated that the firm is looking forward to a communication from the official entities or Malaysian authorities and admits having knowledge of the information.

The Sonangol Quenguela drillship, states the note, is operated by Sonadrill, a joint venture between the Angolan oil and Seadrill companies, managed by the former.

Angolan oil company has been in mobilisation stage from the Okpo shipyard, South Korea, until its entry into Angolan territorial waters.

Such mobilisation work, the document goes on, will be done as soon as all the registration and operational documents required for this type of vessel are completed and have a qualified crew in accordance with international standards.

Sonangol’s Board of Directors pledges to speak on the issue as soon as it gathers more substantial data.

Source: Angola Press News Agency