South Africa redefines status for Angolans

Luanda – The South African authorities on Wednesday invited Angolan citizens living in that country with refugee and exile status to change their status until 2021, at the risk of being expelled.

The invitation, based on reasons of National Security, extends to undocumented Angolans who must, within the next two years, regularize their situation with the institutions of the Angolan Ministry of Justice.

A communique issued by the Press Office of the Angolan Embassy in South Africa, reads that the defined statute includes three categories, namely resident, work and student.

The note, to which Angop had access on Thursday, indicates that the information was given to a mission from the Angolan Embassy by a multi-sectoral committee of the Ministries of Home Affairs and International Relations and Cooperation of South Africa.

Quoted by the Press Office of the Angolan Diplomatic Representation, the same commission noted that the Special Visa granted to exiled Angolans will not be extended after 2021, because Angola enjoys political, economic and social stability.

Counselor Eduardo KAndwa considered the meeting “very productive” as it will allow the Angolan authorities via the Embassy in Pretoria to adapt their legalization policies for Angolan emigrants in South Africa to the laws of that country.

Source: Angola Press News Agency