Malanje – State minister for Economic Coordination, Manuel Nunes Júnior, Saturday in Malanje, reaffirmed the Angolan government’s focus on increasing national production, with a view to revitalising the production sector.

According to the minister, who began a two-day trip to Malanje Friday, the aim was to ensure the sustainability of the economy, with diversified sources of revenues.

With that, he added, the bases for reducing the vulnerability of the country’s economy are being created.

Nunes Júnior encouraged the emerging of more agricultural projects, with a view to food self-sufficiency.

He noted that the government had created incentives for producers, particularly by granting credits, tax benefits and changing the customs tariff.

According to Nunes Júnior, these actions focused on protecting national production and promoting an “effective change” to Angola’s economic structure.

In relation to the drought that is threatening agricultural production in the country, he said that measures to mitigate its negative impact were being analysed.

On his first working day in northern Malanje province, the State Minister for economic coordination visited the Angolan Bioenergy Company (Biocom), the Quizenga Agro-industrial Hub and the Cristalina farm and PIPE, all located in Cacuso municipality.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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