Sudan wants to establish cultural exchange with Angola

Luanda – Sudanese Ambassador to Angola Khalid Mohamed Farah on Tuesday expressed the importance of establishing a cultural protocol between the ministries of culture of Angola and his country in order to contribute to the exchange of experience in the various cultural domains.

The diplomat stressed his intention during an audience with the Minister of Culture, Carolina Cerqueira, who considered a bridge between the two states essential for the promotion and appreciation of the culture of Angola and Sudan.

According to Khalid Mohamed Farah, the history of the two peoples must be known and disseminated in their respective countries, which is why he considers it important to establish Cultural Cooperation in various fields.

The Minister Carolina Cerqueira pointed out as priority areas for a future cultural exchange actions in the areas of conservation and valorization of national and world heritage, promotion of reading and book and arts policy.

The Angolan government also highlighted the libraries and archives as an area that could serve to exchange knowledge between the two peoples.

Angola and Sudan, according to the minister, can take advantage of the international forum, namely UNESCO, ACP and African Union, to coordinate ideas for future cultural cooperation in areas identified as priorities.

On the occasion, the Sudanese diplomat requested the support of the Ministry of Culture for the release, soon in Luanda, of the book entitled Sudan and Panafricanism by the Khartoum Strategic Center.

Angola and Sudan, the third largest country in Africa, cooperate in international forum, including the International Conference for the Great Lakes Region (CIRGL), where the Red Sea country will hold the rotating presidency of the organization in 2019.

Source: Angola Press News Agency