Sweden provides technology to Angola

Luanda The ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden to Angola, Ewa Polano, promised last Thursday, in Luanda, that her country will support Angola to accelerate its economic growth by providing technologies for education, finance and transport sectors as well as for the fight against corruption.

The diplomat gave this information while talking to the press on the sidelines of the Angola/Sweden workshop about The IT and digital economy sectors.

In a moment in which both countries celebrate 50 years of cooperation and because Sweden is number two in terms of technology in the world, the ambassador said, the Nordic country wants to transfer technological knowledge to Angola to boost entrepreneurship, innovation and the university curricula.

In her opinion, the business level between both countries is not yet the right one, but in the last few years it increased to 80%, which means that both countries must pay greater attention to the big challenges that aim to increase trade, namely, the fight against corruption and the desired diversification of the economy.

In this new phase, we are going to invest more in infrastructure, in telecommunications and encourage more Swedish tourists to come because it is an Angolan sector that needs more promotion (nature, gastronomy, among others) to generate revenues for the country , she said.

The other area that might benefit from the Swedish technology, the official added, is agriculture where Sweden can import varied field products from Angola, especially coffee, as well as provide technologies that generate sustainable energies.

In the transport domain, besides the already known Volvo car brand, the ambassador referred that Sweden can provide road security technology to prevent fatal accidents.

On his turn, the minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Jose Carvalho da Rocha, said that there are already lots of cooperation initiatives with the Kingdom of Sweden, starting with the creation of the Technology White Book and the first investments towards the metropolitan network of Luanda.

Taking into account the need to keep improving this relationship, she went on to explain, during the Angotic2019 event a memorandum of understanding was signed which will allow an the establishment of an advantageous partnership between both countries and also the increase of the business and academic exchange frequency level, said the minister.

Source: Angola Press News Agency