Swimming: Lia Lima wins silver medal in Lisbon Meeting

This mark of the Angolan swimmer that is training since September 2017 in Rio Maior high performance centre, in Portugal, becomes the new national senior absolute record breaker by overcoming her previous mark (1m.03s.18d) achieved in the same competition.

Registered in five races, Lia Lima was prominent also in 50 metre butterfly stroke where she went up slightly overcoming her own record (29s.47d) achieved at the 2019 African regional tournament in Namibia, timing 29s.16d.

In 200 meters butterfly stroke, the athlete again improved her performance (2m.21s.51d, previously) by timing 2m.19s.59d.

However, the competition, that the country was also represented by the swimmer Daniel Francisco 641, was attended by athletes of six countries, namely Portugal, Angola, England, Spain, Ireland e Luxenbourg.

Lia Lima, among various trophies has already won seven gold medals in 2019 African regional tournament.

Source: Angola Press News Agency