Territory Planning Ministry wants more profitable institutes

Malanje – The Ministry of Territory Planning and Housing intends to make more and more profitable the National Institute for Territory Planning and Urban Development (INOTU) and the Geographic and Cadastral Institute of Angola (IGCA), by charging fees for services provided.

This fact was expressed by the Incumbent Minister, Ana Paula de Carvalho, during a working visit paid on Monday to Malanje province, aiming to evaluate the functioning of the sector that he runs.

Speaking at the end of a meeting with the provincial governor and local officials of these institutes, the leader said that this profitability initially goes through the improvement of the quality of service, ending some weaknesses that still occur, given the current economic context of the country, in the collection of revenues for the state coffers and creation of social conditions of workers.

Currently, she said, the values generated by the two institutes are earmarked for the Single Treasury Account (CUT), so her office will initiate contacts with the Ministry of Finance, in order for part of the revenue to revert to those institutes.

On the other hand, Ana Paula de Carvalho said that the ministry wants to put an end to the disorder of the territory that has been seen in recent times, so that it will distribute infrastructured plots of land for directed self-construction, thereby avoiding the anarchic constructions.

Source: Angola Press News Agency