Thai swindle: Former APIEX manager requested visa for illegal nationals

Luanda – The director of the Migration and Foreigners Service (SME), Gil Famoso, said on Monday in court that the institution granted a work visa to Thais, requested by the extinct APIEX, headed by Belarmino Van-dA�nem, allegedly by big investment to be done in Angola.

The SME is cited in the case file, by some of the 10 defendants listed in the case known as the “Thai swindle”, to have granted work visas (60 days and extendable by law) to Thais even without work in the country after the deadline border visa expires (15 days) and non-extendable.

During the 26th trial session, it was assumed that the work visa was granted in an “exceptional” way to Thais already in an illegal immigration situation, without all the documentation legally required at the request of APIEX and after rejecting the request made by the Technical Unit for Private Investment (UTIP), with the same objective.

According to Gil Famoso, the work visa was granted after the Thai’s insistence and heard the Agency for the Promotion of Investment and Export of Angola (APIEX), in an official letter signed by Belarmino Van-dA�nem.

Belarmino Van-dA�nem, was initially involved in the proceedings as defendant and then declarant during the contradictory briefing.

These statements contradict the statements made in the file and handed down by some of the ten defendants that Norberto Garcia, former director of the former Technical Unit for Private Investment (UTIP), used influence to issue border visas “non-extendable by law”.

Source: Angola Press News Agency