The “Calvary” of songwriters

Luanda Those who listen to a hit song do not always realize that behind this work is a professional who is often overshadowed: the songwriter.

The composer is the professional who creates the lyrics or melody of a song, obeying rules such as the connection of the melody to the lyrics, which results in a complex process.

In Angola, there are many names that emerge in the composition, from the old to the new generation, making it difficult to make a selection without missing important authors.

Since the beginning of national independence, there are many professionals in the country dedicated to composition, in an increasingly demanding market, where you write about almost everything, sometimes without the recommended aesthetic rigor.

According to musician Kyaku Kyadaff, the lack of rigor can be associated with several factors, underlining that the process of composing a theme is not always easy.

At first I had some difficulties and it was necessary to control the words, the introduction of the spirituality of the lyric and to know which target audience to reach? These factors took a long time to reflect and read, he says.

To achieve the objectives, Kyaku Kyadaff had to work for a long time reading and analyzing social problems. Today, the artist does not take much time to compose.

There are times when it takes me 30 minutes to compose a song and there are songs that take a day and another two years says the artist, who talks about the challenges of the class as the International Songwriter Day is celebrated in January 15.

However, in the midst of much need, some stand out, such as Felipe Zau, Felipe Mukenga, Teta Lando, Paulo Flores, Kyaku Kyadaff, Bonga, Matias Damasio, Heavy C, Dodo Miranda, Eduardo Paim, Euclides da Lomba, Rosa Roque, among others.

On the day dedicated to the composer, there is a certainty: Angola already has hands on composers, but a long way must be traveled for these professionals to live on the art of composing and giving lyrics that can lead a musician to the charts of success.

Source: Angola Press News Agency