Three thousand tickets available for Gingas show

Luanda – Three thousand tickets will be available on Saturday, during a public sale session, in the Independence Square, in Luanda, for the Gingas do Maculusso show.

The show called “Reencontro” (Reunion) is scheduled for the 28th of this month, at the Belas Conference Centre (CCB), in the Angolan capital.

For this purpose, the organization will put 500 VIP tickets on sale, worth 12,000 kwanzas, 1,500 tickets for the normal area at 8,000 kwanzas and one thousand for the upper seats at the price of 6,000 kwanzas.

A reliable source from the organization, which provided the information to ANGOP, said that the number of the tickets are enough due to the capacity of the house.

With the Gingas Reunion project, Gersy Pegado, Daniela Miranda (Paula), Patrícia Faria, Josina Stella, Celma Miguel, Maria João, Kizua Gourgel and Figueira Ginga get back together, three years after the group’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

The Gingas do Maculusso, which were born from the Avilupa Kwimbila project, under the responsibility of Ms Rosa Roque, were part of a list of Angolan artists and musical groups often called to enliven and perform at festivities.

The group began its journey in 1983, in one of the children’s programmes of the National Radio of Angola, under the command of journalist Amélia Mendes.

It has in its repertoire the albums “Mbanza Luanda”, “Malanje-Natureza e Ritmos”, “Xiyami” and “Muenhu”, and dozens of other hit songs.

The group also recorded other striking themes, such as “Xyame”, “Daughters of Africa”, “Panguila”, “Kimbange”, “Missosso”, “A Mangonha”, among others.

In 2009, the group recorded the first break, with the departure of vocalist Patrícia Faria, who opted for a solo career. Later, Paula, Josina and, finally, Maria João, left the band breaking the cycle of successes that began in 1983.

Despite the split, the members of the group have participated in some events together, with emphasis on the show alluding to the band’s 25th anniversary.

Source: Angola Press News Agency