TICAD7: Angolan president’s busy schedule on second day

Yokohama – Angolan head of State JoAPound o Lourenco Thursday held separate meetings with the president of Comoros and the leaders of the international organisations, amid a flurry of intense diplomatic activity on the second day of TICAD7, in Yokohama, Japan.

Joao Loureco’s programme of audience began with a meeting he held with the President of the Comoros, Azali Assoumani, during which they discussed the strengthening of bilateral cooperation.

As a result of the understanding, the two statesmen decided to move towards the creation of a Joint Commission, which facilitates relations between the two countries, starting next December.

President JoAPound o Lourenco then welcomed UNICEF Regional Director for West and East Africa, Mohamed Malick, who was the bearer of a message from Executive director of this institution of the United Nations.

The meeting approached the state of cooperation between UNICEF and the Angolan Government.

Recalling the long-term cooperation between Angola and the institution, Malick defended the need to revive it (ties) for the welfare of the population, particularly children.

The regional director said he had addressed with the Head of State issues related to the need for African leaders to pay greater attention to young people through the adoption of programmes aimed at training and entering the labour market.

At the third audience, the Angolan statesman received the president of Marubeni, a Japanese company responsible for the rehabilitation and modernisation of three reference factories in the country, namely SATEC (Cuanza Norte), Alassola (Benguela) and TextangII (Luanda).

Masumi Kakinoki has promised that having participated in the successful rehabilitation and modernisation of the three textile factories, he will invest in the industrial sector in order to contribute to economic diversification and job creation.

The last audience was granted to Vacine Alliance (GAVI) executive, Seth Berkley, who spoke of Angola’s current vaccination and immunisation situation.

“We have been working with Angola for a long time on vaccination and we want to continue working to increase coverage,” he said.

Source: Angola Press News Agency