Tourism leverages national economy

Luanda The construction of the country’s touristic infrastructures may help speed up the national economy diversification process, affirmed in Luanda the minister of Tourism, A�ngela Braganca.

The minister stressed that tourism will play a crucial role on the development of the Angolan economy, due to the fact that there is enough potentiality to leverage the country’s tourism industry, a goal to be achieved with the participation of foreign investors.

Speaking to ANGOP, on the occasion of the yearend greetings ceremony, she mentioned that with the achievement of permanent peace, the government been creating conditions to stimulate tourism, whether through national or international investors.

She added that the citizens are expectant regarding the participation of tourism in the national economy diversification process and creation of new jobs, hence the need for well structured actions linked to sanitation and improvement of the hotel units certification.

She underlined that the government will keep working in order to build conditions to improve the sector.

She went on to say that the Ministry will continue to work toward the national tourism empowerment until it reaches the highest international levels, so it can attract more tourists in to the country.

In order to achieve these goals, the Ministry challenged the national and international private sector to increasingly invest in this domain of economic activities.

Creativity and innovation are two skills mentioned by the minister during her speech, from the perspective of appealing to entrepreneurs to help re-structure the tourism sector, creating tourism itineraries where there are classified spaces and products.

A�ngela Braganca underlined the need for well trained cadres in different segments of tourism business, with a modern vision, ”as the hotels sector is one that provides more jobs all over the country”.

She reminded that tourism is one of the main sources of revenue for any state, and Angola cannot escape this reality.

‘It is necessary to have enough conditions to stimulate the national and international tourism, a feat that is already slightly being noted in several areas of the country, although a bit shyly.

To Improve the planning and statistics to periodically take stock of the impact of the tourism sector on the economy, streamline and engage the businessperson to come up with touristic projects and support the implementation of the ones in pipeline were points also defended by the minister.

Source: Angola Press News Agency