Tourism sector creates 5,000 jobs

The Government official was speaking during the Reflection Meeting on the employability mechanism and the enhancement of human resources in the tourism sector through an efficient, effective and perspective training process in the sector, alluding to the World Tourism Day, marked 27 September.

He noted that despite the difficulties the country is experiencing, there is a gradual growth in the tourism sector, in the area of infrastructure, the provision of tourism services, the training of human capital, as well as the levels of employability.

Angola has an enviable regional tourism potential that can contribute to the country’s economic growth he said.

So that the tourism sector can grow in a harmonious way, combined and maintain the growing trend of employability, Jesus Maiato informed that the Government will continue to invest in the qualification of human capital, a purpose contained in the National Development Plan (PND 20182022).

Source: Angola Press News Agency