Transport sector to restructure companies

Luanda – The Angolan Minister of Transports Ricardo de Abreu Friday in Luanda pointed out as a priority of his sector for days to come the restructures and modernization of the transport and logistic system.

Talking in the opening of the seminar on The impact of ethic sustainability and compliance in Angola’s transport sector the official stated that this organization must be done in coordination with the other ministries.

When we talk about the topic’s alignment related to our government we understand that for the economy diversification and the assurance of the macro economy stability happen the transport sector is one of the segments in which the country will count on that is why there is a need for synergies said the minister.

Regarding the railway subsector the Angolan official stressed that it is being in consolidation the model that shall allow the attraction and participation of the private sector looking on the public investment already carried out in the infrastructures and means.

However concerning the air subsector it is in progress the effective regulation and security throughout the country with the creation of the regulatory institutes with ANAC ANIPAA SGA e ENNA.

Concerning the state national air transport company TAAG the official stressed the intention of transforming it as a commercial society removing the impediments to its greater credibility and sustainability in order to attract private investments

In the port maritime segment the priority is to increase the institutional capacity and multidisciplinary coordination in the light of the international paradigm taking more advantages in maritime and marine sector as well as the construction and rehabilitation of infra structure of support.

Meanwhile the road subsector is in execution with the provincial governments the mobility and local transport plans contributing for the increase of the public transport fleet underway as well as the structural reforms in transport and goods.

Source: Angola Press News Agency