Uganda and Rwanda sign extradition treaty

The foreign ministers of Rwanda and Uganda have just signed an extradition treaty at the conclusion of the summit at the common border presided over by the two countries presidents.

The summit welcomed the release of dozens of each other citizens detained in both countries in the past few weeks.

The current wave of tensions between the two countries has lasted for well over a year, and it led to the Rwanda side of the Gatuna border being closed to people and business.

One of the most serious causes of tension has been the trading of accusations regarding security.

Rwanda accuses Uganda of harboring anti-Rwanda rebel forces, while Uganda accuses its southern neighbour of infiltrating its security agencies.

Uganda has now agreed to investigate and verify claims by Rwanda that anti-Rwandan rebel forces have been recruiting and training within Uganda.

It also committed to stop and prevent such activities from happening again.

The meeting agreed that when this has been settled, another summit will be convened within 15 days, to re-open the common border.

Tensions between the two leaders seem to be thawing as well. Presidents Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni were seen shaking hands and smiling as they arrived for the meeting.

This was the fourth time the two were meeting for negotiations brokered by the presidents of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola.

Uganda and Rwanda are closely interlinked, with a significant number of citizens residing in either country. BBC

Source: Angola Press News Agency