UNICEF focuses on action to end child abuse

Luanda The representative of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Angola Abubacar Sultan said on Wednesday in Luanda that the organization is focused on eradicating abuses against children and supporting the Angolan Executives programme of fight against poverty.

Speaking to the press after a meeting with the Speaker of the National Assembly Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos Abubacar Sultan indicated that UNICEF works comprehensively with its partners with a view to safeguarding the rights of children.

According to the official in order to avoid the exploitation of children often perpetrated by their own parents it is necessary to ensure the fulfillment of their rights namely access to education and health.

We are mandated by the United Nations General Assembly to work not only on the issue of trafficking in minors but also on promoting and protecting the rights of children Abubacar Sultan noted.

The Mozambican Abubacar Sultan whose diplomatic mission to Angola has just ended declared that for three and a half years in the country he worked in a transparent and articulated way with UNICEF partners in order to pursue the interests of children.

He made it known that UNICEF is an institution that works in a transversal and multilateral way in all areas of child intervention from health education justice water and sanitation as well as the environment also providing humanitarian assistance in emergency situations.

Abubacar Sultan appointed resident representative to Angola on March 17 2016 considered the work developed in the country to be positive.

We work with our partners to help the Executive achieve the objectives set out in the 2018 2022 National Development Plan in order to respond to major challenges in the area of childhood he concluded.

In Angola since 1976 UNICEF’s mission is to support the country to become a safe healthy and protective place for child’s growth and development.

The United Nations Children’s Fund works with the Angolan Government to strengthen and support laws strategies and budgets for the benefit of children with the first milestone being the signing in 1990 of two key documents such as the Universal Declaration on Child Survival and Protection and Development.

Thirty years ago world leaders made a historic commitment to the world’s children by adopting the Convention on the Rights of the Child which is an international agreement.

It has become the most ratified human rights treaty in history and has helped to transform the lives of children around the world. Angola ratified the Convention in December 1990.

Source: Angola Press News Agency