Unicef reaffirms support for children’s projects

Cuito – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Friday reaffirmed its commitment to continue supporting the Government of Angola in following up and implementing monitoring mechanisms for projects aimed at the well-being of children in the country.

UNICEF representative to Angola, Abubacar Sultan, who was speaking at the launching ceremony of the Social Monetary Transfer Program, in Chipeta commune, Catabola municipality (Bie), stressed that children under five are one of the vulnerable groups and guarantee of a promising future for Angola.

He said that three out of four children in Angola are poor and deprived of at least three basic social services and only one percent of Angolan children have access to all services essential for their full development.

The launch of the Social Monetary Transfer Program, he said, should ensure that Angola’s social protection framework is consolidated through the approval of the Social Action Law and Policy.

In order to ensure Social Money Transfers, he said, the Government and partners should develop actions that create opportunity for the economic development of rural entrepreneurs, as well as a strong and well-managed information system and a strategy to measure the impacts of this and other initiatives.

The first payment in the municipality of Chipeta, municipality of Catabola, 52 kilometers east of Cuito (Bie), materializes the goal of social inclusion of children and their vulnerable families, in accordance with the principles of promoting equity and justice that guide the National Development Plan (PDN 2018-2022)

Source: Angola Press News Agency