UNITA advocates political alternation in Angola

Sumbe – Adalberto Costa Júnior, the president of Angola’s largest opposition party, UNITA, affirmed last Saturday in the City of Sumbe, centre-west Cuanza Sul Province, that democratic states can only be seen as such when there is political alternation for the good of all.

The president of UNITA made this statement during the mass political act held on the public square of the City of Sumbe (capital of Cuanza Sul), in the ambit of the 54th anniversary of the party, marked last Friday.

Adalberto da Costa Júnior said that when there is no political alternation in a country, there is no democracy.

“Today, we cannot accept the discourse of war, hate and separation,” he said, recommending more work to combat hunger and poverty in Angola.

To the leader, Angola does not need the intervention of the International Monetary Fund because it has the financial capacity to solve economic problems.

He announced that UNITA is available for transparent dialogue with the government, whereby issues that contributed to the development of the country and the well-being of all Angolans can be addressed.

To UNITA, the municipal elections are a political-administrative instrument par excellence for solving the problems that afflict populations.

The festivities for the 54th anniversary of the founding of UNITA were celebrated under the motto “For Citizenship, Alternation and Development”.

During the political act, the first UNITA president, Jonas Savimbi, and fearless patriots who contributed to the development of the party and the fight against colonialism were honoured, such as Samuel Piedoso Chingunji, David Jonatão, Jacob Inácio, Paulino Moisés, Lukamba Gato, General Numa and Ernesto Mulato.

Participants in the mass political act, members of the party’s national committee, deputies, provincial delegates, members of the Jura (youth wing), Lima (female wing) and hundreds of militants from Cuanza Sul and neighbouring provinces.

Source: Angola Press News Agency