United Kingdom reiterates support for Africa

Boris Johnson, who was addressing an opening session of the UK- Africa Investment Summit 2020, spoke of the new migration policies,

According to him, after the Brexit the British policies will result in benefits for Africans, having pledged 620 million pounds funding.

The new financial package will be spent on export project of products from United Kingdom to Africa, with stress to those linked to infrastructures.

In his speech, Boris Johnson defended better commercial relations with Africans, but stressed the need to improve the excellent natural and mineral resources in the continent.

He also stressed the availability of UK universities to train the new African generation, ahead of the future challenges and the development in Africa.

The UK Premier also spoke of the advantages of using renewable and clean energies, urging the African States to choose this type of energy to reduce pollution.

He expressed his country’s interest in working with new African partners such as Angola, Ghana and Nigeria.

The official pointed to the fields of chicken production and distribution, as the areas the European country can work with the continent.

Making the opening speech, Boris Johnson announced his intention to make UK favorite investment partner for African countries, despite competitiveness in the marked by other powers like China, Germany and France.

As for the Summit, the Angolan minister of State for Economic Coordination, Manuel Nunes JA�nior, stated that the country is experiencing a new model of governance and the country counts on the UK support.

He told the press that UK as one of the world’s main finance centers might be crucial in terms of investments in the economy key sectors, namely agriculture, agro-industry, manufacturing and extractive industries or telecommunications.

We are at the Summit to convey this massage and we hope more investments can flow to Angola in various dominions, said Manuel Nunes JA�nior.

The Angolan minister of State for Economic Coordination, Manuel Nunes JA�nior, is leading the country’s delegation at the event, on behalf of the Head of State, JoAPound o Lourenco.

Twenty- one African countries are being represented in the event.

Source: Angola Press News Agency