Uruguayan diplomat reiterates historical ties with Angola

Luanda – Uruguay ambassador to Angola A�lvaro Gonzalez Otero said Thursday that the two countries have a history of union that goes beyond the South Atlantic, relationship and great opportunities to develop together.

The diplomat stressed the existing ties between the countries at the opening ceremony to mark his country’s 194 years of independence, on 25 August.

Relations between the two countries are strong, solid and increasingly fruitful, he added.

A�lvaro Otero said that the trade balance between the two countries is still modest, but said that direct contacts between companies, chambers, industry and business leaders have been encouraged.

“We firmly believe that the bilateral relationship between the two countries today has a foundation and a positive common history,” said the ambassador.

In his turn, the Secretary of State for International Cooperation and Angolan Communities, Domingos Custodio Vieira Lopes, praised the development the Uruguayan government has achieved in recent years, which he described as one of the most stable economies in the world with a high index of human development, high literacy rate and life expectancy.

Vieira Lopes said Angola is going through a new phase of its history, with new policies so that all Angolans and all the people who chose to live in Angola live well.

In this process of changes in the country, he said that Uruguay’s support for development process was crucial, as it is a country with a high development index and a strong know-how.

Angola and Uruguay established diplomatic relations on March 26, 1988.

Since then, bilateral relations have gone through different stages of their evolution and affirmation, both in the political-diplomatic context and in South-South cooperation.

Uruguay is one of the most economically developed countries in South America, with one of the highest GDP per capita. It ranks 48th in terms of the quality of life index.

Source: Angola Press News Agency