US reaffirms support to fight corruption

Luanda The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, reaffirmed this Monday, in Luanda, the support to the Angolan Government’s efforts to fight corruption and recover the funds illegally withdrawn from the country.

“We want to help make those who diverted money from Angola responsible, as we do with other countries,” said the head of American diplomacy, at a press conference, at the end of bilateral talks with the Angolan counterpart, Manuel Augusto.

On the occasion, Mike Pompeo also underlined the need for financial transactions to be transparent.

The American Secretary of State considered President JoAPound o Lourenco’s work to be an excellent one, which aims to transform corruption into a “ghost of the past”, increase transparency, help financial institutions organize their accounts and pursue “villains”.

The American government official believes that if the proposed reforms are implemented faithfully, in addition to the investments already announced, more American companies will invest in Angola, in favor of economic growth, in the creation of wealth and jobs in the country.

During the press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mike Pompeo pledged to help publicize Angola’s potential and, in this way, attract more US companies, to bet on the promotion and economic development of Angola.

He stressed that American investment may also focus on the diversification of the economy, the development of the agricultural sectors, as well as tourism and technology, with the involvement of women entrepreneurs.


He valued the existing cooperation between the two countries, which has helped to save women and children from the risk of contagion from tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS and in reducing the malaria mortality rate in recent years.

The American Secretary of State also highlighted the partnership in the field of security, with democratic institutions, civil society and churches. The American diplomat also highlighted the need for Angolans to remain optimistic.

Bilateral / multilateral relations

The heads of Angolan diplomacy, Manuel Augusto, and the United States of America (USA), Mike Pompeo, expressed their interest in strengthening cooperation between the two countries, as well as defending the need to raise the level of bilateral and multilateral relations.

Source: Angola Press News Agency