US scholarships benefit 60 teens in Lubango

The courses held at the Know How training center, aims to provide young people with language tools for new opportunities.

Speaking at the third round of diplomas award ceremony, Elieth Mendes, coordinator of the US English and Entrepreneurship program in Angola, said that the aim of the course is to provide tools that can help young people in communities to develop socially and economically based on English language.

According to the official, every two years, the US Embassy spends in Huila $ 40,000 on grants.

In Luanda, the language learning program has already benefited 180 adolescents and young people.

Know How Training Center Director, Esther Baptista considered English as a tool that opens doors for other training opportunities inside and outside the country.

Elias Bartolomeu 17, one of the young beneficiaries, admitted that training is changing the course of his life in many ways.

The Know How training center in Lubango has 15 years and has already trained thousands of students.

Source: Angola Press News Agency