USAID supports Ministry of Health with mosquito nets

Luanda – The United States of America through its Agency for International Development (USAID) and Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) support the Ministry of Health in its massive campaign to distribute insecticide-treated mosquito nets in Lunda Norte, launched today, Wednesday, in the municipality of Dundo.

According to a press release, the objective of the campaign is to ensure that the population of Lunda Norte receives insecticide-treated mosquito nets so that at least two people in each family can sleep protected from a mosquito net.

“With this intervention, the Ministry of Health aims to reduce malaria-related morbidity and mortality in the country by a third,” the report added.

According to the document, USAID, through the Presidential Initiative to Combat Malaria (PMI), is donating a total of 600,000 mosquito nets for this phase.

The US government intends to continue supporting the efforts of the Ministry of Health through the National Plan to Fight Malaria.

Speaking at the launch of this campaign in Lunda Norte, USAID representative in Angola Paul McDermott said that “the United States Agency for International Development will distribute more than 600,000 networks in Lunda Norte.

With the proper use of these networks, more than 900,000 people in this province will be protected from malaria. “

Source: Angola Press News Agency