USD 500 million Case: Sentence set for Friday

Luanda – The Supreme Court has scheduled for next Friday (14) the reading of the “USD 500 million case”, ruling in which José Filomeno dos Santos “Zenu” (former president of the Sovereign Fund of Angola) and Valter Filipe (former governor of the National Bank of Angola) are accused.

António Bule Manuel (former director of the Reserve Management Department of the BNA) and businessman Jorge Gaudens Sebastião are also defendants in the trial, which takes place in the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court.

The defendants are charged by the Public Prosecution with the crimes of embezzlement, money laundering, fraud for defrauding and influence peddling.

In the last trial session, the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested ten-year sentences for Valter Filipe and António Bule Manuel, as well as seven years for José Filomeno dos Santos “Zenu” and Jorge Gaudens.

At the basis of the case is a supposedly illegal transfer of USD 500 million from the National Bank of Angola (BNA) to an account at Crédit Suisse in London, which was a kind of advance payment to a company established by the defendants in order to set up a financing operation for Angola, worth US$30 billion, which did not happen.


Source: Angola Press News Agency

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