VAT Software to be validated by AGT

Luanda – The Software to be used by economic agents to implement Value Added Tax (VAT) will be validated by the General Tax Administration (AGT), said the Coordinator of VAT in Angola, Adilson Sequeira, on Tuesday in Luanda.

Speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the VAT Clarification Workshop, Adilson Sequeira, stressed that it is the responsibility of General Tax Administration AGT to validate the accounting elements that have been extinguished under the legal regime of invoices for the electronic communication of data at the level of billing files and the purchase of goods and services from the taxpayer’s computer systems for the Integrated Tax Financial Management System.

He stressed that the process should happen before July 2019, as it depends on the approval of the Diploma of Electronic Submission that will allow the crossing of information between the data of the taxpayer with the integrated system of tax management to be made by the holder of the Executive Branch by presidential decree.

Following approval, software developers must notify AGT for validation of the Softwares data, because AGT will work with the producers, who in turn will upgrade the systems they commercialize.

Among the requirements to have the software validated, the Diploma foresees that it is the owner or representatives of the Software “because there are domestic producers and there are also consumers of systems certified by other countries, whose producers are not in Angola, in these cases, they must live in Angola for validation. “

According to the coordinator, another challenge is the accounting organization, because VAT requires that accounting companies must be organized at the document level to make the report at the IT level.

Asked about the change in the expected date of the VAT’s entry into force in the country, given that the AGT envisaged implementing the Tax in January 2018, it clarified that the change arises from the influence of economic agents and that the proposal not have timely access to the National Assembly.

Source: Angola Press News Agency