Vice President chairs September 17 main celebration act

Luanda – Angola’s Vice President, Bornito de Sousa, will chair on Monday the central event on September 17, the Nation’s Founder Day and National Hero’s Day, which is to be held in Cuito City, central Bie Province.

Bornito de Sousa leaves for Cuito on Sunday, where he will represent the Angolan Head of State, JoAPound o Lourenco, at the annual commemoration dedicated to the third leader of the MPLA and first president of the Republic of Angola, Dr Antonio Agostinho Neto.

During his stay in Bie Province, the Vice President of the Republic will meet with representatives of the provincial government, with emphasis on the provincial governor, Pereira Alfredo, traditional authorities and other members of Bie’s civil society.

Bornito de Sousa also has on agenda visits to places of interest, such as Ombala Ekovongo, Joaquim Kapango Airport and an exhibition of the agricultural potential of the municipalities of Bie Province.

Antonio Agostinho Neto was born on September 17, 1922, in Kaxicane village, Icolo e Bengo Municipality of Luanda Province , and died on September 10, 1979 in Moscow, in the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics (USSR).

Source: Angola Press News Agency