Victims of political conflicts plan presented

Benguela – The plan of reconciliation in memory of the victims of political conflicts in Angola, from November 11, 1975 to April 4, 2002, was presented Wednesday to civil society in this city, in an act chaired by the governor of the province, Rui FalcAPound o.

On the occasion, the official informed that the creation of this institution has two general objectives: the creation of a platform to address the painful past that Angolans lived and are committed to overcome and the need for convergent dialogue, in the sense of peace, reconciliation and peace of tranquility.

According to him, these objectives have been followed for some times, but without a structure that could bring the desired results to society in an organized way.

For this reason, he said, the Head of Government wanted to create this national commission that is now beginning to implement the plan, integrating all the sensibilities of the country.

Source: Angola Press News Agency