Vitality of African economies depends on maritime potential

Luanda – The vitality of the economies of those countries that are members of the Maritime Organization of West and Central Africa (MOWCA), in which Angola is included, depends greatly on the projects of the respective governments turned to the development of the whole maritime potential, said last Wednesday, in Luanda, the Angolan Transports minister, Ricardo de Abreu.

According to the minister, maritime organizations are great support to governments, since the latter trust in the former for the formulation and implementation of national policies on the ways to explore and utilise maritime resources.

Delivering a speech at the second seminar on Reflection about the Autonomization of Merchant Navies in MOWCA Space, set to end on Thursday, Ricardo de Abreu stressed that it is extremely important that maritime administrations become efficient and efficacious in their activities.

He went on to say that Angola is open to all actions aimed at bringing closer and closer together all the African states, with a view to boosting south-south co-operation, reason why Angola is a member of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) and the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR).

He reminded that Angola is hosting the headquarters of the Gulf of Guinea Commission (GGC) and also contributes to the efforts of the sub-region in the fight against maritime insecurity.

We are involved in the pursuit of the MOWCA objectives, an organization that we’ve presided over for a long time and so far we’ve guaranteed the permanent representation of the institution in the international maritime organisation in London, without mentioning that we are one of the main contributors to the operational budget of the organization, and also that it is an Angolan senior staff that is currently leading the MOWCA since the general assembly of 2011 in Kinshasa, Ricardo de Abreu reminded.

On his turn, the MOWCA general secretary, Alain Michel Luvambano, explained that during the seminar participants will analyse the draft-resolution on the autonomization of merchant navies, which is going to be submitted to the Ministries of Transport of each member state for approval and then be adopted at the 15th General Assembly to happen in 2019, in Ghana.

Source: Angola Press News Agency