WB to create nucleus of well trained staff for PPP in Angola

Luanda The World Bank (WB) wants to create a nucleus of well trained staff who can really guarantee the success of the policies of the Angolan Executive aimed at Public Private Partnerships (PPP), said last Tuesday, in Luanda, the representative of the WB in Angola, Olivier Lambert.

Speaking to the press, on the sidelines of the APMG International Certification course in Public Private Partnerships, running from the 18th to the 21st of this month, Olivier Lambert stressed that it is important to train the staff that deal with PPP matters, so that they have knowledge of the real functioning of partnerships.

He said that it is essential for staff to be aware that PPPs are public investments, but with private money, a PPP cannot turn a good project into a bad one.

According to him, training is very important in this process, because without training staff, PPPs will not be good for governments, and partnerships must be successful for private companies, but also for the government.

Oliver Lambert stresses the fact that the Angolan government is willing to open the country more and more to private initiatives, so that it (private sector) can become the engine that leverages the country’s economy, issuing an ambitious program of reforms of the public business sector.

He explained that the WB was asked to provide technical assistance to support this programme, which focuses on PPPs, including also screening and prioritizing potential PPP projects, legal, regulatory and institutional PPP support, as well as capacity building through learning in practice and formal training.

In his view, the publication of the new PPP Law and Regulation marks a great start for this programme in Angola, since both are in accordance with international best practices and send a good signal to the market in relation to the PPP programme in Angola.

According to the source, another measure will be the slight implementation of the new judicial framework that might consolidate Angola as an attractive PPP market for foreign investors.

APMG International’s Certification in Public Private Partnerships course runs from the 18th to the 21st of this month, subsequently comes the exam to obtain the first level of International Certification in PPP from APMG International (CP3P).

Promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Planning, Ministry of Finance, in partnership with the World Bank, the course aims to award an International Certification in Public Private Partnerships to trainees who demonstrate understanding of the fundamental principles and approaches of PPP.

Source: Angola Press News Agency