WHO highlights importance of information on Covid 19

Luanda – WHO representative in Angola, Javier Aaramburu, stressed Monday the importance of clear communication for the population that prevents the emergence of cases of coronavirus (Covid 19) or reduces its spread.

According to the official, in addition to the health services themselves, the press plays an important role in raising awareness among the population and in calling for joint mobilisations and individual responsibilities.

Speaking at the seminar on Coronavirus (Covid 19), designed for media professionals, the official clarified that the preparation must be 50 percent for the health system and 50 percent for the community to halt the spread the disease, viruses and to avoid the number of contamination and consequently deaths.

As for the rumors that the temperature and the black race are less prone to contamination, the official explained that for this type of disease or virus it is scientifically confirmed that it (disease) is more likely in cold areas.

Javier Aaramburu said that China remains the epicenter with more imported cases, that is, community cases, followed by Italy, Iran and South Korea.

The official mentioned three areas as WHO priority, which consist of the non-contamination of health personnel, containment and handling of cases.

The one-day event analysed the global situation of COVID-19.

Source: Angola Press News Agency