Zaire: Migratory flow on Angola/DRC border increases

Mbanza Congo – Nine hundred and sixty citizens, both nationals and foreigners, have been moving on both sides of the border between the northern Zaire province (Angola) and the Central Congo region (DRC) in the last seven days, recording an increase of 127 movements in relation to the previous week.

The information was said on Monday in Mbanza Kongo by the Migration and Foreigners Service (SME) spokesman in the region, migration superintendent Domingos SebastiAPound o, when presenting the weekly balance of the activities developed by this body.

Of the disclosed figures, 339 individuals entered the national territory, of which 32 foreigners of different nationalities, while another 629 did in the opposite direction, of these 59 are foreigners.

In the same period, according to the spokesman, the SME issued 533 crossing passes to the DRC for national citizens residing along the border.

The source said that regarding the illegal immigration, the body detained 86 citizens of various nationalities, 83 of whom are citizens from the DRC and two from Mauritania, for migratory irregularities, while an Angolan was also detained for presumed promotion and aid to illegal immigration.

The refusal of 21 DRC nationals to enter the national territory due to a lack of legal documents for this purpose was also referred to by the SME spokesman in Zaire.

Zaire province shares a 330-kilometer border with the neighboring Central Congo, of which 150 are bounded by the Zaire River.

Source: Angola Press News Agency