Zaire: MPLA militants told to join local elections

Mbanza Kongo – The ruling MPLA party’s women wing (OMA) in northern Zaire province has urged the militants to participate en mass in the local elections, set for 2020.

The information was released Wednesday by the provincial secretary of that female organisation, Maria Jose de EncarnacAPound o Fernandes.

Maria Fernandes said that her organisation is engaged in mobilising and sensitising of the members for the local elections.

Speaking at the opening of the IV regular session of the provincial committee of MPLA women’s organisation, the leader reiterated that the awareness and preparation of women, in particular and of the families, in general, for active participation in the elections, is part of priorities of the secretariat of OMA in the region in coming days.

According to her, as one of the largest women’s organisations in the country, OMA must be aware of the political, economic and social changes taking place in Angola.

In her speech, the first provincial secretary of OMA urged the members of her organisation to fight against domestic violence, by denouncing the perpetrators.

“We urge the organs of administration of justice to be ruthless against all those who engage in domestic violence, and hold them severely responsible,” she said.

Source: Angola Press News Agency