Zambia seeks increased judicial cooperation with Angola

Luanda The Attorney General of the Republic of Zambia, Irene Mambilima, last Wednesday in Lusaka expressed her country’s willingness to increase judicial cooperation with Angola.

Cited by a note from the Angolan Embassy in Zambia, the magistrate said that this intention is mainly aimed at dealing with cases of citizens who exceed stay permit stipulated in the visa waiver agreement signed by the two countries.

The Zambian magistrate was responding to concerns raised by the Angolan ambassador to Zambia, Azevedo Francisco, during a courtesy meeting held at Lusaka Supreme Court.

On the occasion, the Angolan diplomat suggested a careful approach by concerned institutions of both countries, in order to find solutions that match the level of the brotherly relations that exist between the two nations and peoples.

Irene Mambilima also considered of paramount importance the involvement of other Zambian institutions, namely, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration Services.

The Angolan ambassador, on his turn, called for the assistance of the Zambian Public Prosecutor’s Office in the registration campaign of Angolan community in Zambia, whose process started on February 25 last year.

News involving the detention of Angolan citizens, especially in the border provinces is regularly reported to the Consular Services in Mongu and Solwezi regions.

Zambia Attorney General’s Office states that 90 percent of the cases recorded in the country are related to illegal stay of Angolans.

Source: Angola Press News Agency