Saurimo – The General Tax Authority (AGT) will continue to implement policies aimed at broadening the tax base and reducing tax rates, as well as adapting the provision of its services to international formats, with the conclusion of agreements to avoid double taxation.

The information was presented today, in Saurimo, Lunda Sul province, by the chairman of the AGT board of directors, Cláudio Dos Santos, during a meeting with taxpayers from the region.

He noted that the aim was to encourage business groups and others to meet their tax obligations and to increase revenue collection levels in the productive sector.

From a legislative point of view, Cláudio dos Santos noted, there are a number of laws that have been improved as a result of constant dialogue with taxpayers, making it possible to bring customs and tax laws “much closer to each economic reality,” in other words, more in line with what the parties actually feel.

He noted that in the area of Industrial Tax, for example, there had been a reduction of the general rate, which had fallen from 30 percent to 25 percent, and in the primary sector, from 15 percent to 10 percent, figures that could reduce if the taxpayer regularly met their tax obligations and did not accumulate debts.

He also noted the reductions made in property taxes, VAT, IRT, which mainly protect small and medium-sized businesses, to prevent tax evasion, among other obligations.

On the other hand, AGT’s CEO appealed to local businesspeople, to adhere to AGT’s electronic systems, for the licensing of their products, tax payments and other fees.

Source: Angola Press News Agency