Luanda – João Lourenço congratulated, this Saturday, the health professionals of the Josina Machel Hospital, for the successful performance of two highly complex tumor removal surgeries.

On his Twitter account, João Lourenço said that the surgeries to remove tumors, carried out successfully at the Josina Machel Hospital, in Luanda, “deserve our appreciation and recognition of the value of our health staff”.

President Lourenço congratulated the medical teams that performed this feat, which makes Angolans very proud and encouraged the continuation of the investment in the differentiated training of national specialists and in the building and equipping of reference hospitals.

Maxillofacial Surgery

This month, a medical team from the Maxillofacial Service of Josina Machel Hospital successfully performed two complex surgeries that, until now, were only possible abroad.

The intervention involved the removal of two tumors, one of five and the other of two kilograms, from 26 and 12-year-old patients, the latter being a female.

The patient, Joaquina Manuel, who was admitted to the hospital, had been suffering, for seven years, from benign ameloblastoma.

In turn, a 26-year old man, Pedro, lived for 15 years with the tumor, which grew in the bones of his mouth, so after several tests, surgery was the only solution indicated.

According to the Maxillo-Facial surgeon, Agnelo Lucamba, these patients will be able to gradually return to normal life.

Source: Angola Press News Agency