Ondjiva – The attribution of exploration licenses to timber companies for the period of 2021, in Cunene province, are suspended due to the problems of climate change (cyclical drought) affecting the region.

According to the Forestry and Wildlife Framework Law, which regulates forestry activities in Angola, each year the forestry campaign, which focuses on cutting down trees in a rational way, should begin on 1 May and end on 30 October, with the concession of the exploration licence before the activity begins.

Speaking to Angop on Tuesday, the head of the Forestry Development Institute in Cunene, Dumbo Mupei , said that of the 22 companies that applied to obtain a licence in the province, so far none had been licensed.

He said that the applications were sent to the central directorate in Luanda, whose processes were rejected, due to a specific guideline for Cunene province that indicates the non-licensing of any company due to the problem of cyclical drought that the region faces in recent years.

Source: Angola Press News Agency