Luanda – The Angolan First Lady, Ana Dias Lourenço, considered this Tuesday, in Luanda, education as the main vehicle to promote sustainable development, for being an elementary right and a basic need of the citizens.

Speaking at the opening of the first National Conference about “The corporate social responsibilities on supporting education” she stressed that the State is responsible for granting education access and conditions to everyone during academic lifetime, so students can develop all their potentialities and be well succeed in the future.

Ana Dias Lourenço considered that each child is seen as a country’s valuable asset, becoming an engine of development and prosperity, being a social and moral obligation to the State and all society to grant universal education access.

She mentioned the need to combat and cross out the myths and prejudices, rooted on the society which represent educational exclusion factors, so we can make school available for more children and expand the education access.

According to the First Lady, regardless of the gender, social origin, place of birth, social condition, all children have the right to find easy access to education.

“To reach the goals set at the 2030 agenda, Angola needs the commitment, engagement and support of the private sector on the scope of their social responsibilities that they must perform” she stressed.

She stressed that the Angolan State has been creating initiatives and investing resources, aiming to improve the education and teaching quality, acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for an adequate and effective participation in individual and collective life.

She also pointed the recovery of school backwardness in regular education, the functioning of the online-classes and semi-attendance modalities on the first and second grade, the fight against illiteracy and school dropping as premises that should deserve everyone’s daily attention.

To invert the trend of hard access, dropping out and school failure, that marks the poverty and social exclusion, the First Lady emphasized that everyone is called to participate in cooperation with the State, to face all the challenges.

She concluded by stressing that the investment and initiatives made out of social responsibility, value the company that acts so, because the value of such action surpasses the material and financial elements.

Source: Angola Press News Agency