Luanda – The project for Simplification of Public Administration Acts and Procedures (SIMPLIFICA), which brings together comprehensive measures and actions for the implementation of good practices in the State’s Central and Local Administration, was approved Thursday during the ordinary session of the Inter-ministerial Commission for State Reform (CIRE).

The programme, according to the final communiqué of the meeting, which was led by the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, aims to modernise, debureaucratise, integrate and optimise processes, with a focus on satisfying the public interest and making life easier for citizens.

The project will cover 32 acts and procedures, with 121 requirements to be removed and 13 documents to be unified.

The statement said that the documents were related to identical and transversal matters, the extension of the validity period of ten licenses and the integration of 20 procedures carried out by different services.

During the meeting, the Inter-ministerial Commission for State Reform approved the preliminary draft Presidential Decree that establishes the general system for granting and terminating public utility status.

The intention is to make more objective the process of attribution and maintenance of this prerogative by the entities that benefit from it, through the definition of criteria of economic rationality and management and evaluation.

Source: Angola Press News Agency