Lubango – The Angolan government will invest USD 600 million in strengthening the capacity and quality of electricity in the southern region of the country, in 2022, announced this Tuesday in Lubango city, southern Huila Province, the minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges.

Speaking to the press at the end of his visit to Huíla, which aimed to verify the levels of execution of projects under development in the two sectors, he said that negotiations are advanced with the African Development Bank (ADB) and the Kingdom of Spain.


One of the projects, to be carried out over three years, includes the construction of a high voltage line, 400 kilometers long (Huambo – Lubango), as well as the demining of the connection route, financed by the ADB, with the amount of  US$300 million.


The Huambo/Matala link costs US$100 million, while the Lubango/Namibe line is valued at between US$70-80 million.


The minister assured that the Huambo-Lubango connection has guaranteed financing and approved by the ADB, through an agreement signed with the Ministry of Finance, and is under consultation for the launch of the public tender. So, ADB also participates in the financing of AFOMAT.


Minister Borges said that such solutions bring more energy availability to the province of Huíla, associating the solar energy project planned to be installed in the municipality of Caraculo (Namibe), in a private investment by Sonangol, as well as by Arimba (Lubango), financed by Sonangol and TOTAL, with the installation of solar parks.


The Lubango/Namibe line has financing approved by the Japan Cooperation Fund, while the Huambo/Matala line, which will bring energy to Jamba Mineira region, is financed by the Kingdom of Spain.




Source: Angola Press News Agency


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