Luanda – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex), through the diplomatic representation in Cuba, is providing legal assistance to the Angolan student Armindo Leitão Jeremias, charge with the killing of a Cuban teacher, and working in his defence.

According to a statement released to ANGOP on Thursday, Mirex said it has been following the case involving the Angolan citizen Armindo Leitão Jeremias.

The Ministry said that it was notified of the indictment issued by the Cuban Prosecuting Council, for alleged criminal acts against the Angolan citizen, so it has been following the development of the case, which has not yet been sentenced.

“Guided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Angolan Embassy in Cuba is providing all legal assistance to the scholarship holder and is working to defend the Angolan citizen,” the statement said.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also learned of an alleged criminal case against another Angolan scholarship holder, Herculano Cangolongo Chinjeu, and the Angolan diplomatic mission is also providing all legal assistance to him.

For this reason, Mirex assures Angolan society that, within the framework of the excellent relations of friendship and cooperation existing between the Republics of Angola and Cuba, everything is being done to ensure that the rights of Angolan citizens are safeguarded.

Source: Angola Press News Agency